# TitleAuthorCategory
1Absolute Trombone: A ReviewTom ErvinRecordings
2New York Legends - Joseph Alessi: A ReviewJohn SeidelRecordings
3Circuit Training: A ReviewDavid WilkenLiterature
4Plunge - Falling With Grace: A ReviewChris WaageRecordings
5Multiplicity & 20 Jazz Etudes: A ReviewTom BrantleyLiterature
6Proclamation & In Search of a Dream: A ReviewGordon BowieRecordings
7Simple Complexity: A ReviewTom BrantleyRecordings
8Twentieth-Century Brass Soloists: A ReviewMichael BrownLiterature
9Blues for Cook: A ReviewTom ErvinRecordings
10Eight Preludes, Op. 34: A ReviewRichard Human, Jr.Literature