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Musica Mobilis - Music for Brass: A Review

By Anthony B. Kirkland • September 09, 2019 in Recordings
This compact disc contains a variety of programmatic music composed by James A. Beckel, who was the principal trombonist in the Indianapolis Symphony from 1969 to 2018 and is a Professor of Music at DePauw University.

The Westerlies: A Review

By Clifton Taylor • September 05, 2019 in Recordings
The Westerlies' second album presents a collection of compositions that cannot be pigeonholed or even easily described in terms of genre.

X Over Trombone: A Review

By Douglas Yeo • March 12, 2008 in Recordings
With the flood of trombone recordings on the market these days - with much more of dubious than essential quality competing for attention - it is refreshing to see X Over Trombone provide us with both a look back and a look forward.

Jazz Improv Materials Handbook Complete: A Review

By Michael Dease • January 30, 2008 in Literature
Rich Willey utilizes his considerable experience asa performer, composer and pedagogue to craft the Jazz Improv Materials Handbook, one of the more practical jazz methods in publication.

Traveling Hard: A Review

By Michael Dease • January 24, 2008 in Recordings
The Robert Bachner Quintet's second album features five highly sensitive, well-versed musicians putting the music first. This recording would make a fine addition to your collection, and serves as a firm reminder that jazz music is alive and well in Austria.

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