The Evolution of the Jazz Trombone, Part Three: Bebop - Discography and Bibliography

By David Wilken • January 01, 1998 • • 2 min read

Selected Discography

Bennie Green
"Glidin' Along" - Jazzland
"Back on the Scene" - Blue Note
"Four Trombones...The Debut Recordings" (includes J. J. Johnson, Kai Winding, and Willie Dennis on trombones) - Prestige

J. J. Johnson
"Blue Trombone" - Columbia/Sony
"J. J. Johnson and his Big Bands" - Bluebird
"The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. I and II" - Blue Note

J. J. Johnson and Kai Winding
"Jay and Kai + 6" - Columbia/Sony
"Trombonmania!" - Affinity

Kai Winding
"Jazz Workshop, Vol. I, Trombone Rapport" - Debut
With Thelonius Monk "The Giants of Jazz " - Atlantic

Frank Rosolino
"Fond Memories of Frank Rosolino" - Double Time Records
With Supersax "Chasin' the Bird" - MPS
With Stan Kenton "New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm" - Capitol

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