Georg Kopprasch 45 Selected Studies for Alto Trombone: A Review

By Peter Fielding • February 20, 2021 • 2 min read

Georg Kopprasch 45 Selected Studies for Alto TromboneKopprasch, Georg. Georg Kopprasch 45 Selected Studies for Alto Trombone. arranged and edited by Eric Crees and Ian Rae. Brass Wind Publications, Oakham, Rutland, UK, 2020. ISMN 9790570660858.

As the use of the alto trombone continues to grow, expanding access to pedagogical resources have been most welcome. The 60 Etudes for Low-Horn, Op. 6 of Georg Kopprasch (1800-1850) have served as a valuable resource for brass musicians since their publication in 1833. These etudes have been utilized by trombonists for over a century. While Carl Fisher's 1905 Sixty Selected Studies for Trombone has been a staple North American edition for generations, Richard Fote's Selected Kopprasch Studies for Trombone with F Attachment of 1964 was essential repertoire for trombonists employing an F attachment, transcending the needs of tenor and bass trombonists alike. While Kopprasch etudes have been employed in the teaching of alto trombone, as evident in works such as Stephen C. Anderson's A Complete Method for Eb Alto Trombone Volume II of 1986 (etudes 10 and 23), Eric Crees' and Ian Rae's Georg Kopprasch 45 Selected Studies for Alto Trombone provide an expanded realm of pedagogical possibilities with their edition.

Crees and Rae have crafted a fine edition for the alto trombonist. Published by Brass Wind Publications, this carefully curated collection of 45 etudes embody its core pedagogical values. Far from a simple reengraving into alto clef, some etudes have been transposed and fit quite comfortably on the alto trombone. Each etude includes a brief pedagogical comment and are wholly playable on a basic E♭ alto trombone. A wealth of annotations identifies extended slide position opportunities; including valve opportunities for those possessing an instrument with a B♭ attachment. This is a welcome addition to the repertoire for the aspiring and advanced alto trombonist.

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Crees, Rae. Georg Kopprasch 45 Selected Studies, Etude 20, mm. 1-4

For those wanting to know which etudes have been incorporated into Crees' and Rae's edition, the following table lists which Kopprasch Op. 6 etudes have been employed, and the basic keys that the materials have been transposed to.

Crees & Rae EditionKopprasch Op.6, First Edition (Vol. I & II)
1 (F major)1
2 (E♭ major)3
3 (E♭ major)4
4 (D major)6
5 (G major)8
6 (B♭ major)9
7 (A♭ major)10
8 (C major)12
9 (F major)13
10 (A major)15
11 (F major)16
12 (G major)17
13 (E♭ major)18
14 (C major)19
15 (B♭ major)21
16 (F major)23
17 (F major)24
25 (D♭ major)25
19 (G major)26
20 (B♭ major)27
21 (G minor)28
22 (E minor)29
23 (F major)30
24 (G major)31
25 (F major)33
26 (D minor)34
27 (G major)35
28 (F major)36
29 (G major)37
30 (C♯ minor / C♯ major)38
31 (F major)39
32 (F major)40
33 (B♭ major)41
34 (D major)42
35 (A♭ major)43
36 (A minor / A major)45
37 (B♭ major)46
38 (F major)48
39 (B minor)52
40 (G major)54
41 (A♭ major)58
42 (D minor)59
43 (C major)50
44 (D♭ major)53
45 (F major)57

Georg Kopprasch 45 Selected Studies for Alto Trombone, arranged and edited by Eric Crees and Ian Rae, is available from Brasswind Publications.