Ku-Umba: A Review

By Jeff Albert • September 02, 2003 • 1 min read

Ku-umba Cover

T. E. Priemon is an artist. He uses photographic techniques to interpret musical performances through a concept he has named "Photonality". His most recent book is entitled "Ku-Umba," and trombonist Frank Lacy serves as both the inspiration and visual focus of this particular collection of art.

"Ku-Umba" is available in a signed, numbered, limited edition of 200. Each book includes an original silver gelatin print. Given the nature of their limited edition printing, the books are not inexpensive, but if your interests include visual arts or photography, and trombonists in general or Ku-Umba and Frank Lacy in particular, then this book is worth investigating. The images are striking, and share an aesthetic with modern improvised music. Some of the images are stark and simple, while others are visually quite cacophonous.