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Michael Brown


Dr. Brown is the former Director of the Department of Music Education at Mississippi State University, now retired.

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Top Brass by Bob Bernotas: A Review

By Michael Brown • June 01, 2002
For readers interested in the lives, philosophies, and idiosyncrasies of famous jazz brass players, this book will bring a great deal of pleasure and information.



Cornerstone: A Review

By Michael Brown • March 01, 2000
Douglas Yeo, bass trombonist with the Boston Symphony, has obviously crafted a recording that is a labor of love. This collection serves as an evangelical witness to his deeply held Christian beliefs and as a fine example of his lyrical musicianship.



Twentieth-Century Brass Soloists: A Review

By Michael Brown • November 01, 1997
The lives of composers and conductors are carefully documented with historical research and pianists, violinists, and vocalists have their share of musicological research. Michael Meckna has done extensive study into the lives, recordings, and legacy of 100 significant brass performers of this century. He contributes a balanced list of orchestra, recital, and jazz performers with an appropriate balance of high and low brass performers.